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Merry Christmas

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Here are me and the doggies sitting in front of the cabin

  • Here is a cool picture jeff took. Sorry it's sideways. I kinda forgot how to blog.

Here is a picture of a cool waterfall we hiked by.
Here is me putting my finger in the hot pool in Yellowstone!'s hot!
Jeff found his first gray hair.....On his nip!
We went to Heise Hot Springs the pools were 90 degrees and 110 degrees. Just right! I was the only one in a two piece swimsuit. I shocked that small Idaho town!
A BALD EAGLE! pretty cool.
Here are some deer or are they antelope? Anyone know?
My husband, the photographer!

There were baby buffalo there! so cute! and yellow! best part of the trip.
They would cross the road right in front of us!
Here is another shot of a baby!
I heart buffalo!

I think it's been about a year since my last post. oops! Jeff has posted some pictures here and there, but I was too busy at school (or maybe just too lazy) to add any posts to my blog. The first week of summer vacation was awesome. Jeff surprised me with a trip to Grandma's cabin. We had a blast together. We even brought Fred and Grace. They loved chasing squirrels and barking at strange noises in the night. Here are some of the highlights of the trip.

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Just Pictures

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More pictures of dogs.
I don't think this is what Jennie intended when she started this blog.

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